Instruction PDFs for R. Sleigh Tools

Greetings harp tech fanatics!

I created two instructional PDFs on the 4 tools that I designed for intelligently lazy harmonica technicians or anyone who wants to work on reed plates with tools that make the job easy.

Click on the links below the illustration for detailed, illustrated tips and tricks on using these tools to your best advantage:TYHimage

How to Use the Reed : Slot Burnishing Tool

Notes on Tools Designed by Richard Sleigh for Professional Harp Technicians and other Fanatics…

If you go into the Store on this website there is also a free download packgage of My book “Turbocharge Your Harmonica”, a long PDF on collecting vintage Marine Bands for fun and replacement reeds – includes a color coded chart on inter-changable reeds from Hohner Classic reed plates. Also notes on the Hot Rod Your Harmonica videos. I put these in the store for free for anyone who wants the book or detailed information on exactly what is in the DVDs / Videos

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