Extra Special 20s

Check out the photo below – I coated the front of a special 20 comb with the liquid glass type epoxy that I wrote about in the last post. The comb on the top has the epoxy, the harp below is stock. The feel of the face of the comb is vastly superior to the stock comb. It is smooth as glass and will hold up as well as any comb on the market. When you consider that you can spend in the neighborhood of $50 for a milled comb made of corian and the feel is about the same, it makes it worth while to explore doing this. I’m including a photo of the stuff I used. If you cut out the sprues (the black pieces inside the slots in the middle of the chambers you can use my draw scraper for tuning, same as a custom comb. Also – a tiny amount of Trident Pure Silicone Grease dabbed on the inside of the comb will seal up any small low spots for compression – although I really don’t think this is much of an issue. Practice on a couple of beater combs and you will get the hang of how much epoxy to dab on…IMG_2301Epoxy

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