Make Your Own Custom Combs


What you see above is a kind of epoxy that is used for bar tables and other high punishment areas. It is called self-leveling epoxy, liquid glass, and other names depending on who makes it. It is also really great for harmonica combs. I found the stuff in the photo at Ace Hardware for about $18 including taxes. It is enough to do hundreds of combs. I will probably use it on some home improvement project just to use it up.

You can mix it up in small batches by eyeballing equal size blobs on some glossy cardboard and mix it with a putty knife. When you put this stuff on a Marine Band comb with a toothpick and get the thickness right it makes the face of the comb as smoother than silk.

All you need to do to prep the comb is this:

  1. knock the sharp edges off the blocks with a fine file or emery board like you use on your fingernails,
  2. sand the face of the comb with very fine sandpaper just enough to clean it up a bit.

That’s it. Practice on a few throw away combs and you will figure out the right amount to put on. Let it dry while on a flat surface and the self leveling will make it all nice and clean and even.

For less than the price of one fancy aftermarket comb you can set up all the harmonicas you will ever need…

Harpe Diem!

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