New Tools !

Scraper / Embossing Tool

Reed Wrench / Reed Support Tool

Reed Shaper Tool Back in Production

The tools you see in the videos above are all in production now and available as pre orders. The draw scraper / embossing tool will be available in about a month. The reed wrench and reed shaper will be avaiable in two weeks. I have the stock for the reed wrenches and reed shapers. I’ve been holding off on announcing the new scrapers until I got the green light from the machine shop that is making the tools that they had an opening in their schedule to make the tools.

If you pre-order now you will get your tools first plus I’m including a free reed wrench / reed support tool with orders of the scraper / embossing tool.

Here are the details:

Draw Scraper / Embossing Tool

The scraper / embossing tool is a combination of a 1/8″ wide draw scraper and an angled chisel point embossing tool. It is made of heat treated high carbon steel that is machined into shape and the final polishing and sharpening is done by hand. I made the original wide scraper for someone who wanted tools to tune a shruti box with. A shruti box is a bellows instrument from India that has brass accordion reeds that look like giant harmonica reeds.

I started using the large scraper for tuning harmonicas and was impressed by how well it worked. It is still small enough to reach inside a standard diatonic harmonica to drop the pitch of blow reeds without removing the reed plate from the comb. It is also easier in general to use and to sharpen. A major upgrade in one of my favorite tools for harmonica work. Please don’t use this tool on stainless steel reeds – the super sharp edge cuts brass easily without breaking down but breaks down against the much harder stainless steel.

The other side of the tool has a chisel point embosser. This tool really excels at closing the embossing at the end of the slot where the reed is attached. The tempered steel gets polished so it is smooth but still has a well defined point that will reach to the very end of the slot. You hold it like a pen and it is much easier to control than flat angled embossing tools. Once you get a feel for it you can close the slot with a much lighter touch than other tools designed for the same purpose. The tempered high carbon steel holds its shape and will not distort and break down like softer forms of steel.

The middle of the tool is covered with clear tubing that makes a comfortable handle with a bit of give. The tool is 5 inches long.

Reed Wremch / Reed Lifter and Support Tool

The new reed wrench / reed support tool replaces the two different wrenches that I used to include in my tool kit. I combined elements of both reed lifter / support tools into one design that works for exposed reeds or reeds that are inside the chamber. The other end of the tool is the reed wrench that has the gripper nibs that allow you to move reeds you are attaching with screws in any direction. A standard reed wrench won’t let you back up a reed if you get it too close to the end of a slot.

Reed Shaping Tool

This tool design is basically the same tool I have been making for a few years with a few refinements in the shaping and polishing process. It is Stainless Steel and works quite well with brass reeds and will also hold up well for shaping stainless steel reeds (it just takes a lot more pressure to work the stainless steel reeds) I use this tool constantly when customizing reed plates. It focuses pressure on exactly the part of the reed that you want to curve or straighten out and with practice becomes a very predictable extension of your fingers.

All of the tools above are in the store on this website.