Hello out there!

Welcome to HotRodHarmonicas.com

This site is devoted to the noble art of Hot Rodding harmonicas, and breathing life into them and through them.

The video series “Hot Rod Your Harmonicas – The Movie” will be up soon here, for sale as DVDs and Downloads.

There will also be articles, videos, pictures, and audios. The goal is to see how far we can go to bring the harmonica into a new world of expression. This is an amazing time to be a harmonica player. The harmonica today is on the verge of transforming into a new instrument, really, a new family of instruments.

It is a bit like what was happening to the guitar in the late 1940s, with Leo Fender and Les Paul changing the guitar from a mostly accoustic instrument into the electric guitar.

Only the change going on with the harmonica is a combination of a new generation of harp techs and new designs meeting computer assisted design and small machine shops working on big ideas.

Stay tuned! It is going to be a wild ride…..

BTW – plenty of harp tech articles are at rsleigh.com