Reed Tool Prototype!

reed tool3reed tool 2reed tool 1

What you see here is a harmonica reed tool prototype made for me by Tom Halchak at Blue Moon Harmonicas. It is based on the legendary Farrell reed tool that is no longer available. One side has a hole that allows you to push rivets into. There is a ramp under the hole that lets the rivet that has been punched out slide down in front of the tool.

There is a pointed punch for removing rivets and a flat punch for installing rivets and flattening rivet pads and the area around the rivet hole in a reed plate.

The tool is made of aluminum and air hardened tool steel. The base is tool steel. The overall size is 3″ x 2″ and the base is 1 3/4″ wide.

There is enough mass in the base that you can use this tool on a tabletop, but if you put it on top of an anvil it increases the mass and stability and improves performance. I plan on using mine on an anvil at the shop and as is when I am on the road.

This tool will be available after the testing and tweaking process is done. Stay tuned!


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