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  1. Hi Richard. Always find your work fascinating and inspirational. Hope our paths cross soon. Many thanks from beautiful, sunny Buffalo, NY

  2. Thanks Richard. You’re always steering us in the straight direction and my harmonica work and playing are improving measurably because of you. Looking forward to much more from the guru himself.

  3. Richard ~ thanks so much for this website for harmonica techies. You are the gift to the harmonica world that keeps on giving. If this website is as good as your insightful and inspiring as your newsletter, you should receive national recognition. Thanks again.

  4. Richard, your post and contributions are “FLAT OUT”(not to be associated with intonation) GOOD STUFF!!!
    Love the mix of serious passion with a pile of down home humor! Great tools, great thoughts, and great materials, so helpful for us want-to-be harp techs!!!
    Thanks for all you do.

  5. Hoi Richard, Your effort to educate us is much appreciated and your ideas are always very interesting. Your book “Turbocharge your Harmonica” became my working bible. So, cant thank you enough and I’m looking forward to receive your thoughts and ideas.
    Thanxs & Greetz,
    John (Almere, the Netherlands)

  6. Thank You Richard,
    Like you I have been a Harmonica player a long time (since 1967). Stopped playing daily for about 30 years (picking it up once in while). I returned to playing three years now. I now play everyday and at some weekly Blues Jams. I now play more than I talk to other people (true). I’m real blown away about how many players are around today and the information that fine artist/tech. like your self make available. All I can say is Thank You you have open my eyes to aspects of the harp I have never considered. I think even the early Masters of the Harp would say WOW.

  7. Hey Richard, Just finished your 1st CD. It makes a BIG difference SEEING how something is done as opposed to just reading how it’s done. Must be that “visual thang” us male species have going on. I’m fairly new to all this and your CD lays it out in a simple but concise manner that answered a lot of questions I’ve had in my head about making my harps more responsive. It’s also nice that I have it to refer back too as needed. Good stuff ! Mucho Thanks.

  8. Hi Richard,

    I enjoy your posts. I am also in to making tools and jigs for repairing and customizing harps. I specialize in Marine Band, Special 20’s and Golden Melody’s. Drop me a note, maybe we could get together by phone or Skype.


  9. Richard
    I’ve followed your advice about 7 minutes a day for months now. I have my own version. Whenever I turn on my computer for the first time each day I do my “Richard Sleigh” practice. I practise scales, with my metronome set to 40 bpm. I feel I just can’t miss this practice.
    Thanks from Brian

  10. Received your tools and DVD’s a week ago and I just tuned my first reed! What a great feeling to play that harp now and know that I made an improvement that actually works and sounds good. I’m amazed. Can’t wait to try some of your other hot-rod techniques. Thanks

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