If you are looking for the ultimate answer to the question “How do I keep my cables from turning into a hopeless pile of spaghetti?”, here ya go…

I like velcro…. I just don’t like paying someone to make me cable wraps that may or may not be the right size. I started asking professional sound men what the best answer was to this problem and hit pay dirt a few weeks ago.

My friend Jim told me: Go to Lowe’s and look for a roll of Velcro. I did not know that you could get this stuff in a big roll and cut your own strips. I had to ask more than one “sales associate” at Lowe’s before I finally found the stuff.

It comes in a 1 1/2 inch wide roll. The box says 30 inches by 1 1/2 inches, but this is a mis-print. It is actually a lot more than 30 inches long. It is probably 30 feet long. Whatever it is, it is a LOT of velcro…

It is one piece, fuzzy on one side and the hook stuff on the other side. No more sewing two pieces of velcro together!

You can cut it into any width you want and any length you want. I have already made a couple dozen cable wraps and still have lots more left in the roll…

The box says VELCRO brand.

It was about 20 bucks. This roll will last me for years… Check it out!


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